Frequently Asked Questions


From time to time inclement weather may occur and the airsoft field may be shut down. Our priority is always on the safety of our players and staff. If bad weather developed during a game and it is required that players leave the field we cannot offer a refund. These instances are few and far between!



Every player must fill out the waiver, minors must have a parent or legal guardian fill out a waiver. Eye protection is mandatory at all times on the field. For airsoft games, please use 500 fps for all guns.




What is a Wolverine's Battle?

A safety check and game briefing is mandatory before any player steps on the field. Our staff is high trained and will explain all of these detail at the field. If you have questions about safety, please contact us.

Every month we host a special airsoft game scenario called Wolverines, based off the "Red Dawn" movies. Players are split into 2 teams, the Russian team in green based camo and the Wolverines in camo/civilian clothing. There will be flags and props for your team to pick up, which will earn the team points. At the end of the game, the team with the most points will win the battle. Our Wolverines events are the most popular games and has the most game extras, like simulated airstrikes and artillery strikes. Our goal is to elevate the gameplay experience in a great way! All rules and safety briefings will be explained before the games begin. 

No prior experience is needed to attend these events and rentals are available at our shop. Cost is $20 per player. Gates open at 10:30 am!